Online Travel Agency Guide

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Online travel agencies have access to many deals from airlines and hotels that consumers can benefit from by booking travel arrangements online. The power of modern technology enables travelers to purchase tickets in real time. When an airline needs to fill seats on a flight that leaves the next day, they become immediately available to agents and websites whose businesses rely completely on sales made on the Internet. Consumers are also the winners when the competition among online travel agencies drives prices down even further. This online travel agency guide will highlight the agencies with the best deals for travelers.

Airline tickets can be found from, a website that allows customers to search for tickets with a Buzz tool capable of searching dates within a month from the desired departure time or up to six weekends in the future. It is also possible to search various parts of the world to discover where you can travel by spending a certain amount of money. If a traveler wants to spend no more than $500 on a ticket, it is possible to see which parts of the world he could travel to by spending this much money.

Competing online companies specializing in airfare have many other tools to gain customers. Bing Travel has the capability of recommending that travelers buy a ticket at the current time or wait for the fare to go down. AirfareWatchdog is a great place to buy last minute tickets, but travelers need to have their bags packed and ready to go. This website’s employees continually scan the Web to find bargain fare sales, and small airlines, such as JetBlue and southwest are featured that are usually not found on larger sites like Kayak. Another website,, scans the Web to find any airline tickets that have fallen in price. They then email or tweet the customer to notify them to apply for the price difference.

Many online companies also use modern technology to provide deals for customers on hotel rooms. TripAdviser is the most popular source that many travelers turn to. The biggest attraction of this agency is the reviews by other consumers that are posted online. Before booking a hotel room, the customer is able to read up to hundreds of reviews to find out what other travelers who stayed there said about their time spent at a certain hotel. TripAdviser does not make reservations and is not technically a travel agent, but they do provide links to their partner sites. is another popular site, most for the fact that there are last minute deals, as well as rewards. For every ten nights spent in a hotel, guests receive another free night. This website can search over 100,000 websites for hotel accommodations that meets the traveler’s needs. is a popular website with those who want to negotiate on how much they will pay for their hotel stay. If a hotel is not booked for a particular night, it is possible to make a low bid that will be accepted just so the hotel is full. Even if their normal rate is $300 per night, they will often accept $100 bids simply because they are making some profit from the booking. International travelers who are not afraid of ending up in a hostel if their accommodation falls through may want to use This website specializes in last minute reservations. Just like Priceline, the consumer does not know what they are buying until they pay, so there is some element of surprise involved in making reservations in this manner.

The biggest advantage of using online travel agencies is that the power of the Internet can be used to find airfare and hotel deals. Local agencies also use the Internet to find great deals for their customers, but they do not have the time to search as extensively as the consumer looking for a great deal. Those who prefer to be in charge of their reservations find that there are many more choices when they book their own hotel rooms and find the best deals on airfare.